Olivia Harper
Olivia Harper
was a nurse at Seattle Grace Hospital until she was fired in 2009.

Romantic LifeEdit

When George O'Malley was going through a dry spell, Cristina Yang encouraged George to ask Olivia out. After sleeping with her, she gave him Syphillis as she had recently slept with Alex Karev.

George soon broke up with her because he didn't think he loved her enough and he loved Meredith Grey more. After a minor argument they stayed friends. After Alex began a relationship with Izzie Stevens, Izzie caught him cheating on her with Olivia.

She was part of the "Nurses United Against Mark Sloan" group which implied she had had sexual relations with him.


Olivia Harper was a nurse at Seattle Grace for seven years, since 2002. She was one of the nurses who took part in the nurse strike. She continued to work at Seattle Grace Hospital but after news of the Seattle Grace and Mercy West Medical Center merger Olivia asked Alex to tell her if he found out anything claiming "nurses are last to know and first to go". Unfortunately she was cut later that day. Derek offered her a letter of reccomendation.


  • Olivia Harper: Change your own bedpans, Stevens!
  • Izzie Stevens: Yeah, well enjoy you Syphilis, Olivia.