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An operating room (or theatre) is where surgeons perform surgery. Many types of surgery can take place there and sometimes more than one surgery takes place at the same time. Before entering an O.R you must first wash your hands in the scrub room.

Surgeons and scrub nurses are the main people in the O.R's but other doctors are also present such as anaesthesiologists and other people like perfusionists.

Unless unexpected emergencies, surgeries are first written on the O.R board under the headings: Order (time), Duration, Patient, Procedure and Anest.

Viewing GalleryEdit

Some operating rooms (but not all) have galleries where other doctors can look at the surgery without being in the way. No non-medical personnel can be there.


  • James Pickens, Jr. conducted a tour of SGH during season two.
  • O.R 2 was added to the set in season two.
  • Doctors must scrub for five minutes to be sterile.
  • All of the equipment in O.R 1 is authentic.
  • The crew bought an actual MRI machine, MRI machines typically cost between one and two million dollars.