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The cafeteria or canteen is the place where the interns, residents, attendings, nurses and staff of SGH eat their lunch and catch up on the latest gossip. There is an outdoor and indoor area.

Notable EventsEdit

  • Alex Karev left out headless Judy Dolls.
  • Meredith Grey was stared at and talked about after Derek Shepherd chose Addison Montgomery.
  • Meredith met Finn for lunch when double-dating him and Derek.
  • Izzie Stevens prepared to fight Callie Torres, although Callie really just wanted to talk.
  • Richard Webber ordered Erica Hahn to operate on Walter Tapley.
  • George O'Malley handed out Date and tell forms.
  • Erica and Callie Torres pretended to be a couple.
  • Addison assumed Callie and Erica were a couple.
  • Miranda Bailey met her old interns to organise George's intervention.


  • Cristina Yang prefers coffee from the cart than the canteen.